For training providers

Do you know an individual with an exemplary skill-set?
help us shine a spotlight on the rising stars of tomorrow’s industry.


It is vital that the industry as a whole work in union to tackle the predicted skills crisis.

SkillFRIDGE is a unique opportunity for your students to engage with leading companies and associations whilst demonstrating their talents on a nationwide platform.

The experience will not only hone their skills and knowledge in line with industry standards, but help to inform them of the vast career prospects that lay ahead, provide an opportunity for them to get hands on with the latest products and technology and develop their passion for the industry.

Help immerse your students in their learning by putting them forward for this exciting competition and raise your profile as an outstanding training provider.


What are the benefits?

SkillFRIDGE plays a vital role in raising standards, esteem and levels of excellence.

What is the standard students need to meet?

Competitors that wish to enter must be enrolled on any running RACHP Level 2/3 course. The terms of eligibility for participation in the WorldSkills UK Competition can be found here

What is the necessary experience and qualifications to enter?

Click here to download our passive test and marking criteria, which gives competition guidelines and requirements to training providers when assessing suitability of potential entrants. Our team wish to ensure that each competitor is at the right level to engage, enjoy and benefit from the competition itself.

Who registers an apprentice?

Training providers should enter an apprentice via the registration form once the preliminary test has been completed. 

Competitors must have the support of their college, university, training provider and/or employer to participate in a WorldSkills UK Competition. This support must extend to the competitor being free to attend all relevant competition events and includes any competition preparation.

When will competitors be told if they have been accepted or not?

All entries are reviewed, and we will contact competitors or their relevant training provider and/or employer in April if there are any problems with their application.