Showcase Features


PrintThis activity engages 2 visitors at each time to pedal on the bicycles to produce energy which will circulate the refrigerant in order to COOL a ‘cold storage box’ and also HEAT a domestic radiator. Demonstrating the transfer of heat energy by using a refrigerant fluid.

A lowest temperature league table will be apparent for those ‘having a go’. This area hosted by college tutors who give a running competitive commentary and scoring on the ‘winners board’.


REFRIGERANT fluid transfer process between cylinders using digital weigh scales. This shows the industrial products and the need to protect the environment by having highly skilled and trained personnel.

The area is hosted by college lecturers and past competitors.



Pipe fabrication, pressure testing using nitrogen and evacuation activity using nitrogen and a cold water bath. This will allow 2 visitors at a time a hands on practical guided activity that will be time measured and hosted on a ‘winners score board’.

This area is hosted by college tutors and past competitors.

Showcase Features


Operational AIR to AIR/WATER air conditioning heat pump system with interactive controls display to show a typical air conditioning system and a REFRIGERATED COOL sign that visitors can touch and feel the frost removed from the atmosphere. All systems shown are part of the work a service engineer would be capable of installing and maintaining for a customer.

This area is hosted by manufacturers and college tutors.


VIDEO DISPLAY showing the RAC/HP industry, Apprenticeships and WS competitors active in competition in Leipzig, Sao Poalo and London. Aiming to inspire the visitors.

ROTATING COMPRESSOR (encased cross section) to show the internal mechanical & electrical (ME) components and again highlight the high level of engineering involved in this industry – and the potential to earn a fantastic wage.

ELECTRICAL MIMIC display board to show a test exercise featured in a college NVQ RAC level 2/3 course.

This area is hosted by college lecturers and past competitors will allow visitors to wire up a small section and test it using a multi meter.