Toolbox – Delivery and Collection

Delivery Wednesday 16th November 09.00 15.00

Competitors are to head to the North 12 Lorry Park on arrival and inform security that they are a competitor and are dropping off their toolbox. They will be given a ticket which they need to keep safe to exchange for their toolbox later.

Once a ticket has been provided, competitors are to head to VE door 7.2 and drop off their toolbox.

Competitors can then go and park their car in car parks N3 – 7 and make their way back to the halls. They will need to show their ticket to security by VE door 7.2 in order to collect their toolbox. They can then take it to their competition area.

Collection Saturday 19th November 16.00 19.00

Competitors will be able to move their toolboxes from 16:00 to VE door 7.2 or any public exit. If competitors are seen moving their toolboxes through the halls before this time they will be asked to return them to their competition area. When dropping off their toolbox to 7.2 they will be issued with a ticket. They can then collect their car, return to 7.2 and collect their toolbox with the ticket provided.

Please note that no toolboxes can be moved around the halls during the show open times if they are on wheels. Toolboxes can only be moved during this time if they can be safely carried.