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WorldSkills UK is a set of dynamic skills competitions that brings together apprentices and young people from across the country to compete to be the best in their chosen skill. They run each year in over 70 skills across the UK. Top scorers from across the qualifying heats and selection events will be invited to compete at National Finals at WorldSkills UK, The Skills Show. Many of the WorldSkills UK competitions also lead to WorldSkills International Competitions, the International biennial event, where around 72 countries come together to compete for medals on an international stage.

SkillFRIDGE is one competition that features in nation finals and has gone on to international competition medal winning success.

Representatives and competitors must ensure that all competition materials are read thoroughly, ensuring that everyone is confident with all aspects of the requirements for the competition, including the Competition and Event Information documents.

It is advised to be familiar with the procedures for being invited to heats and the UK National Finals at The Skills Show in November 2017.

What is the standard the students need to meet?

Competitors who want to enter must be enrolled on any running RAC level 2/3 course.

To be eligible to enter a WorldSkills UK Competition, competitors must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 16 years of age on 1 September 2016 to be eligible to compete during the 2017 competition cycle.
  • Employed having completed a UK qualification within the last 12 months, studying or an apprentice at the specified level of the competition.
  • Educated and/or trained in a UK education, or training establishment, and hold or be working towards a related UK qualification, or be eligible to hold a UK passport.
  1. The following are not eligible to enter WorldSkills UK Competitions:
  • Gold medal winners cannot compete in the same competition and level in subsequent years.
  • Squad UK and Team UK members forfeit their right to participate in WorldSkills UK National Competitions.
  1. Competitors may only enter one competition at one level in any given competition year.

Do I have the necessary experience and qualification to enter the competition?

SkillFRIDGE team has provided a registration test piece and marking criteria, which gives competition guidelines and requirements to Tutors when accessing suitability of potential entrants. Our team wish to ensure each competitor is at the right level to engage, enjoy and benefit from the competition itself.

Registration test piece available here
Marking criteria available here

Is there a cost?

It costs nothing to register or enter the competition. Colleges can run the preliminary test as part of the course delivery. 

However, Colleges are asked to cover the cost of a student attending events and the costs of any training needed before the event.

What are the benefits? 

WorldSkills UK Competitions play a vital role in raising standards, esteem and levels of expertise in further education, apprenticeships and skills through competition activities and local initiatives.

Showcases bring the competitions to life for visitors, with experts and students demonstrating skills in an interactive and engaging format. It also allows colleges to put their best students forward in a national competition, which if the competitor is successful, would be a show of great achievement for potential students of the future.

What support do we offer?

SkillFRIDGE strives to:

  • Highlight the skills importance in modern life and the long term interesting careers available through industry events & digital marketing.
  • Develop partnerships between industry and colleges and so support RACHP course enrolment at level 2 & 3.
  • Inspire a wide audience by working with product manufacturers and service industry to invigorate skill competitions with new technology and workplace activities.
  • Work with IoR by attending RACHP Young Engineer regional meetings, and colleges to engage in competitions where they do not at present and thus assist in raising standards.

Who can you contact if you need assistance? 

The above should answer almost all queries but if you are still in any doubt, please head to our contacts page.

What other information is required?

By registering to compete in a WorldSkills UK Competition, competitors and their representatives are declaring that they will abide by the WorldSkills UK Competition specific rules.

Representatives and competitors are responsible for covering any travel, subsistence or accommodation expenses incurred in participating in WorldSkills UK Competitions, unless they are informed otherwise.

Special dispensation may be granted by the Competition Organising Partner for those that have declared a physical, sensory or learning difficulty prior to the competition. They will also endeavour to provide reasonable adjustments, where possible, for competitors who declare a physical, sensory or learning difficulty at any stage of the competition.

Representatives and competitors should understand the process for selecting competitors for international competitions.

Representatives and competitors should be aware that not all WorldSkills UK Competitions lead to the international WorldSkills Competition.

By signing the competition register, each competitor gives permission for WorldSkills UK and the Competition Organising Partner to use non-sensitive information from the competition registration, relevant photographs and video film for any publicity purposes in relation to vocational education, training and the competition.

When will they be told if they have been accepted or not?

All entries are reviewed, and we will contact competitors or Competitors College, University, Training Provider and/or employer.

What happens next?

Once the regional heats are completed, the six top scoring competitors will be invited to compete in the national final which will take place 16-18 November 2017 at the NEC Birmingham at WorkSkills UK, The Skills Show.

Winning at the WorldSkills UK final can also lead to competing on an international level, where around 72 countries will compete for medals on an international stage.

Competitors who score above 65% during their regional heats will automatically be considered to compete in WorldSkills International, to be hosted in Kazan, Russia, in 2019. They will also be signed up to a two year fast track training course to compete internationally.